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Tom Whiteside Auto Sales

15921 US 62
Mt Sterling, OH 43143

  • Sales: (866) 652-7995
  • Service: (888) 375-0339
  • Parts: (866) 866-7162

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Welcome to Tom Whiteside Auto Sales

Most of the prices of the new vehicles on our website represent the manufactures' suggested list price.   The rebates change constantly, both the ones to you and the dealer rebates you never know about, and the discounts change also, our bottom line will be a lot less than the list price.  A lot of web sites include every rebate, even if you may not be eligible for some of them, we won't mislead you. If you are tired of the misleading pricing, pick up the phone and call us at 800-686-2818 (that number skips the tracing and recording) and let us make it a pleasant, simple experience.

 Tom Whiteside Auto Sales in Mt Sterling, OH, is a short drive from Columbus, Cirlceville, London or Washington CH. We have been in business since 1960.

If you're tired of not getting figures quickly, and spending hours trying to buy a car, then getting confusing numbers, you need to get out of the big stores.  One person, that is all you have to put up with to buy a car from us, they will show you the car, give you the figures, and do their own paperwork.  There won't be a second and third person step in to try to sell you an extended warranty or Gap insurance, or to make a huge commission marking up the interest rate, or to tell you it is a law that we charge you $250.00 doc fee.  We charge $78.00 doc fee. We believe that if you need to buy an extra charge warranty  you are buying the wrong car, from the wrong dealership.  If you need GAP insurance, or credit insurance call an insurance agent, they sell insurance, we sell cars.

If you shop here, unless you ask, we will not call you and we don't play the would-you-could-you sales game. You'll get our best number when you're here.